Abrock Pest can apply these products to your home protecting your investment while being kind to the environmet.
A product with the active ingredient of a borate salt is effective at treating and preserving wood against wood-destroying organisims. Borate salts are applied directly to the wood framing during the dried-in phase of new construction or a home remodel. 

Drywood termites, Subterranean termites, Formosan termites, Carpenter ants, Powderpost beetles, and Old house borers along with algae and wood decay fungi are all controlled with these products

Borate salt products are applied directly onto wood surfaces, concrete, plumbing penetrations, expansion joints and foundation. They will penetrate the wood, protecting it throughout. These natural mineral salts do not break down over time. They remain in the wood, for the life of the wood, when it is protected from moisture as in the wall voids of a structure. Since they are sealed into the wall void and do not break down, it eliminates the need for retreatment.

By treating the wood it eliminates the need for soil treatments and keeps harmful chemicals out of the environment and out of the water supply.  They can be used on ocean front, riverside or lakeside homes where soil termiticides may be prohibited.

Natural Termite Service

"Thanks so much to you for coming out to spray our house recently. Since we were out of town it was reassuring to have a reliable company solve our bagworm problem."

~ Vickie in Argyle, TX

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