Termite Special Offer


Termites cause over 4 million dollars in damage every year.  Your home may be the only asset you own that can increase in value.  It needs protection!

Inspection is required before procedure and treatment.

"Thank you for the reliable service you have once again provided.  We look forward to working with you guys again"

 ~ Rebecca in Rockwall, TX


We use termiticides that termites cannot sense.  Therefore, they do not back off and try to attack another spot.  They actually crawl through the chemical and become infected.  Through the process of trophallaxes, they pass the chemical on to every other termite they touch.  Thus the whole colony can be killed, especially if the queen is infected.  The result to you is better protection for your home.


We can offer you termite protection before you get termites, or if you already have termites in only one location. We treat all of your interior plumbing penetrations and include a Full House Termite Retreatment Warranty. All of this protection starting at $699.00 + Tax.  (That price applies to most houses up to 2,000 Sq. Ft.  Larger size houses require a higher price.)  Some exclusions may apply. This treatment does not apply to every structure. Commercial properties excluded.


  • Termite Treatments have changed again.  For about 6 years the baiting systems became the treatment of choice.
  • Now with the advent of better liquid termiticides, the liquid barrier is once again the best treatment method
  • The liquid forms a continuous barrier around your house and continues to kill 24 hours a day every day.
  • The new liquids such as Premise 75, Imaxx Pro, Premise Foam, and Termidor are non-repellant. 

Very often, we can offer 2 to 3 different treatment options that will solve your termite problem and fit your budget.

When we treat the entire exterior perimeter we also treat each of your interior plumbing penetrations. Termites will attack around plumbing pipes inside walls and go undetected.  99.9% of these plumbing treatments do not require drilling thru your floors.  We are able to inject termiticide thru a small hole in the wall at the plumbing area. This method is very effective and spares your floors from unsightly drill holes.

Thank you for the reliable service you have once again provided.  We look forward to working with you guys again.

We can even monitor mos of the termite baiting system currently installed around homes.

Our Termite Service Program Is Unique!