Lawn and Shrub Fertilizer in Carrollton, TX

The appearance of your house can be greatly enhanced by growing and maintaining a lush green lawn.

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know how, or do not have the time.

We can help you achieve the beauty you want. We apply fertilizer four times a year. These granular dry fertilizers are specially formulated for our southern climate lawns.

  • The first application is a weed and feed - fertilizer and herbicide. This starts the process of growth and weed control.
  • The next two applications are applied two months apart, to maintain healthy growth.
  • The last application is a weed and feed to continue growth, health, and weed control.

We even have a natural fertilizer program for those who prefer a more organic environment.

It is very important that the first and last weed and feed application of the year be applied at specific times. The process starts in March and ends in September.

The first application needs to be applied when the grass first starts to turn green. This aids healthy speedy growth. The temperature must be above 50 degrees for herbicide to actually work at any time during the year.

The last application needs to be applied the last of September or first week of October. This allows the herbicide to act as a preemergent on winter weeds. The fertilizer also feeds the grass during the fall to help a healthy dormant period in the winter.