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Enhance the appearance and health of your outdoor space with proper lawn fertilizer.

If you try to fertilize your lawn at the wrong time of year or use the wrong product or the wrong amount of the right product, you can end up with a lawn that looks worse instead of better. In Northern Texas, the soil condition is naturally poor, with less-than-ideal levels of nutrients. Construction practices that remove the top layer of soil don’t help either, so the soil around many newly constructed structures is devoid of nutrients that promote the growth of grass.

Lawn Fertilizer in Carrollton, Texas

Don’t despair! Enhance the appearance and health of your outdoor space in Carrollton, Texas with proper lawn fertilizer by calling us at Abrock Pest Management Inc. We consider weeds pests, and we want to help you eliminate them while promoting lush, green grass growth. Our lawn fertilizer puts nutrients back into your soil, and we can use natural or synthetic fertilizer options, which we will carefully match to the specific needs of your property and soil composition.

Generally, we treat outdoor spaces with lawn fertilizer four times a year, between March and September. The timing of these treatments is very important and can vary slightly from year to year, depending on temperature and weather factors. We will weed and feed your lawn at the same time by spreading a granular dry fertilizer and herbicide mixture that promotes growth of grass while controlling unwanted weeds. For more extreme cases, we also have liquid herbicide options.

Contact us now to discuss your lawn fertilizer needs and how we can help.

At Abrock Pest Management Inc., we provide lawn fertilizer for customers in Carrollton, Flower Mound, Colleyville, South Lake, Grapevine, Bedford, Frisco, Richardson, Fort Worth, Irving, The Colony, Lewisville, Coppell, Farmers Branch, and Addison, Texas.