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Our ant control experts take a careful approach when dealing with all species and varieties.

A line of ants can quickly ruin a picnic and make time spent outdoors a little less appealing. But the presence of these tiny insects in your home is even more frustrating, as they’re difficult to eliminate on your own. Certain species are also highly destructive, as they can chew through wood and other construction materials, impacting the safety and structural integrity of the house. In some areas, odorous house ants are common and leave a stinky smell throughout the space when smashed. You could also be dealing with fire ants, which are aggressive and sting their victims. Even basic black house ants can cause you to feel discomfort when they’re sharing your living space and crawling over your food and other items.

Ant Control, Lewisville, TX

No matter what type of ants you’re seeing in your Lewisville, Texas home, you can count on our team at Abrock Pest Management to provide ant control. We’re pest control experts, serving local property owners who don’t want to deal with these bothersome creatures on their own. Our ant control experts take a careful approach when dealing with all species and varieties. We use the proper chemicals to target and eliminate ants while ensuring the safety of those who live in the home.

If you’ve attempted DIY ant control, you know that the traps and treatments available don’t do much to actually get rid of these insects. Since ants live in a colony to support a queen, killing only a few of the workers won’t address the problem. True ant control measures require targeting and treating the nest where the queen is located, and we can take care of this in your home.

At Abrock Pest Management Inc., we provide ant control services for customers in Carrollton, Flower Mound, Colleyville, South Lake, Grapevine, Bedford, Frisco, Richardson, Fort Worth, Irving, The Colony, Lewisville, Coppell, Farmers Branch, and Addison, Texas.