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Ant Control Tactics That Actually WorkAnts are tiny insects that can become a huge hassle. If ants are a problem in your home, you’ve likely tried a variety of DIY treatments to get rid of them. Ants can be tenacious and often adapt to extermination attempts.

If ants are a persistent problem in your home, here’s our list of ant control tactics that actually work:

  • Baiting stations inside the home. Baiting can be an effective method of deterring an ant colony. Baiting involves setting out poison for the ants to take back to their colony. Baiting stations can help with ants inside your home, but they are not very effective outside. While baiting can help with a single colony, care needs to be taken to prevent future ant infestations.
  • Non-repellent sprays around the home’s exterior. These insecticides are undetectable to ants, so they unknowingly go through them and then carry the poison to their nest. Use these sprays around your home’s foundation, concentrating on entryways and any vulnerable access points.
  • Professional services for overall ant control. The most effective ant control strategies are those that treat the problem at the source. This means eliminating the ant nest as well as addressing how ants are getting in your home. While this may seem straightforward, ants are adaptive and can continue to find access points to your home. That’s why having the skilled help of an ant control expert will help eradicate your ant problem effectively.

When ants invade your home, you want solutions that work. For complete ant control, give us a call at Abrock Pest Management Inc. We pride ourselves on implementing effective treatments to get ants out of your house for good.