Common Signs Your Home Needs Termite Treatment

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Termites are some of the more serious pests a home can have because they will do irreparable damage to the structure if left unchecked. They can also go undetected for months or even years because they are not often found out in the open. However, they aren’t impossible to detect.

Common Signs Your Home Needs Termite Treatment

If you’re familiar with what to look for, you have a better chance of identifying a termite infestation before too much damage has been done. Here are a few common signs your home needs termite treatment:

  • Mounds of Small Pellets- If you find piles of small pellets that look a bit like salt or pepper, you probably have termites on your property. These pellets are termite droppings called frass. Usually, you’ll find these droppings near window frames, baseboards, or the edges of your porch.
  • Discarded Wings- Termite swarms have two pairs of wings that are whitish and translucent. When a swarmer leaves its colony and finds a mate, it sheds its wings. If you find small wings around your property, there is a good chance they belonged to termites.
  • Mud Tubes- Subterranean termites connect their underground colonies and above-ground food sources via mud tubes, which are tunnels made of wood, soil, and termite saliva. Mud tubes are usually found in the basement, along the foundation, or around sills and window frames.
  • Stuck Doors or Windows- You may need termite treatment if you notice your doors and windows are difficult to open. Termites may have eaten the wood and caused it to warp.
  • Clicking or Popping Sounds- If you press an ear to your walls and listen very closely, you may be able to hear termites. They make a faint popping or clicking sound while they consume wood.

If you have noticed any of these signs, contact us at Abrock Pest Management Inc. for termite treatment at your Carrollton, Texas home.