What Does Low-Impact Pest Service Entail?

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When you are dealing with a pest problem at your home or place of business, your main goal is to resolve the issue thoroughly. But if you are like many people, your secondary goal may be to resolve the infestation with as little impact on the environment and human health as possible.

What Does Low-Impact Pest Service Entail?

Pesticides may seem like something you want to avoid entirely, but you can’t always accomplish both goals without them. Luckily, low-impact pest service exists to keep pests under control while reducing other unwanted effects. Low-impact pest service entails the following:

  • Minimal Use of Chemicals- With low-impact pest service, other pest control methods besides pesticides are used. For instance, mechanical control in the form of traps can be used for some pests. Baits are another option, and preventative measures like sealing entry points and resolving moisture problems around your property can help.
  • Use of Least-Toxic Pesticides- If other options have been exhausted and pesticides must be used to resolve your infestation, opting for low-impact pest service means the safest option possible will be used. These pesticides may also be applied in specific problem areas to target the pests efficiently. This strategic approach reduces the overall impact.

In short, low-impact pest service offers effective results with fewer drawbacks than traditional pest control. If you are interested in low-impact pest service for your property in Carrollton, Texas, contact us at Abrock Pest Management Inc. We are licensed and fully insured professionals who are dedicated to your satisfaction and looking out for your best interests.