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If you have rodents living on your property, leave it to us to drive them out.

Rodents are a nuisance for a lot of reasons. Considering they can transmit a variety of harmful diseases, contaminate food, cause extensive structural damage, and make your home a fire risk (rodents love to chew on electrical wiring), it’s extremely important to keep them out of your home or business as best as you can. But when they have already become a problem, don’t panic; just call our team at Abrock Pest Management Inc. for rodent removal. As a pest control company that has been in business for over two decades, we are prepared to tackle your rodent problem head-on.

Rodent Removal in Carrollton, Texas

Your home or business is too important to let rodents roam it freely. To put a stop to it, we’ll assess the situation carefully when we come to your property in Carrollton, Texas. We’ll look for evidence of rats and mice, such as droppings, nesting materials, chew marks, or odors, to get an idea of where they may be hiding and entering. From there, we’ll apply the appropriate solution, such as traps or baits.

You can also count on us to assist you with prevention, since rodent removal is not worthwhile if you don’t make efforts to keep the results permanent. We’re happy to look for problems like water leaks or open garbage cans that may be attracting rodents and then inform you so you can deal with these issues.

You can rest assured that our licensed, certified, and fully insured team has everything we need to provide effective rodent removal at your home or business. Request your free quote today.