Rat Removal, Carrollton, TX

Eliminate rats from your home.

When you are hanging out at home, the last thing you want to see is a rat anywhere in your living spaces. However, rats are a common type of rodent, and there may come a day when you notice a rat scurrying around your home. While rats may be common, you do not have to accept their presence and should call us at Abrock Pest Management Inc. for prompt and effective rat removal solutions.

Rat Removal in Carrollton, Texas

Rats have a habit of gnawing on materials to keep their teeth trimmed and to gain access to food. If you suspect you have a rat problem, look for large gnaw marks on food packaging, wood structures, electrical wires, and other materials. You may also notice droppings around your house, especially near baseboards, and hear strange squeaking or scurrying noises in your walls at night.

When we come to your home in Carrollton, Texas to provide rat removal services, we will start by thoroughly inspecting your home for entry and exit points the rat might use. We will then place traps near these areas and wait for the rat to enter one of these traps. Our process will not just catch the rat that made a home for itself in your house, but also prevent other rats from doing the same thing.

The next time you need help with rat removal, we’re the ones to call. To learn more about how we get rid of rats or to set up an appointment, reach out to us today.

At Abrock Pest Management Inc., we provide rat removal services for customers in Carrollton, Flower Mound, Colleyville, South Lake, Grapevine, Bedford, Frisco, Richardson, Fort Worth, Irving, The Colony, Lewisville, Coppell, Farmers Branch, and Addison, Texas.