Professional, responsive, and effective. This company has, through regular maintenance, eliminated my pest issues. I highly recommend. Great service and reasonable pricing.

-Sharon F.

I have utilized Abrock Pest Management Inc.’s pest control services for almost 10 years. Great customer service, dependable, and thorough.

-Melissa D.

Our experience with them is great. They are very nice people. They are very thorough outside and inside. They call and set up a time and keep it going in a good way. They keep us informed on what’s going on. They are just good. With regard to price, my husband does a lot of research since we moved here from Louisiana and finding good pricing. I know that he would not have kept up with it if the price was crazy. I have been here every time they have come, so I am going by that experience.

-Matthew C.

They are real experts. They have worked for us for nearly 15 years. I would give them a gold star. This company has excellent ethics. They have tremendous knowledge of their craft and how they approach everything that is related to organic pest control. They do their own research, and they come up with unique solutions. I just think they are a phenomenal company to work with. They do so many different things at different rates. They do termites at one rate, and they do yard fertilizing. They got the whole yard looking green now, and everything is great.

-Afton J.

Have used them for over a decade. Top-quality service and products. I love the natural product you can do on the inside if you choose. Keeps our kids exposure to harmful chemicals down. They have kept mice out and gotten ants out of foundation – the works.

-Denise H.

My friend lives off of Gaston in Dallas and just used this company for pest control and to get rid of mice. This company was awesome and provided exactly what he was looking for! A small company with a big heart!

-Leslie W.

We have used Abrock Pest Management Inc. since 2003. Top-quality service and they do so much more, too. We liked the organic natural that they can do inside. We love that they are family owned and always honest and above board.

-R B.

Termite inspection and remediation. Extremely punctual and professional. He explained the treatment process and timeframes. Excellent job.

-Becky J.

This is the first time that I used this company. They first set traps, and they didn’t get anything – I guess the roaches were coming and going. They made sure that there were no roaches in here and then sealed up the wall on the other side, so they couldn’t get back in and that was really, really nice. I recommended them to my neighbors.

-Katrina K.

We are satisfied with them. They are quick at getting to the problem and coming out to the house. I will continue using them in the future.

-Chelsia B.

Just had an amazing experience with Abrock Pest Management Inc. (Bob and Ryan, who are residents of our neighborhood). After getting the run around from an existing pest control company, I gave up and called Bob and explained that a squirrel had taken up residence, and I’d like to get it removed ASAP. Fortunately, Ryan was in our neighborhood on another job and came over within 30 min. Nice surprise after waiting 3 hours for the other company. Ryan got the squirrel out, cleaned out the nest (and a ton of leaves), and then was very, very creative in figuring out a way to put in mesh to block entry (between my roof and arbor). I could not recommend this company more!!! And they are local. Support your local businesses!

-Melissa H.

I have been using them for about seven years. It is a father/son company, and the son always comes out. He is really nice, and I like him.

-Lori A.

Abrock Pest Management Inc. is the best of the best. Great pest control and VERY professional service. I have used Abrock Pest Management Inc. since 2003!!! I HIGHLY recommend Abrock Pest Management Inc. to everyone. Thank you!!!


We have been using Abrock Pest Management Inc. for about 5 years. We are happy. In short, professional, punctual, reasonable, and great results. Pests are gone!! I recommend Abrock Pest Management Inc.

-David B.

They’re pretty good. They’re responsive. They come when they say they’re going to come. I’m pleased with them. The price and quality is good. They come every quarter.

-Lois W.

Abrock Pest Management Inc. comes every quarter and are always prompt. If there is a problem (only once in 14 years), they come back immediately. The company is family owned, and they are always pleasant and efficient. I have a large dog, and they are good with her. I can’t have anyone in my home who is not comfortable with animals. As things stand right now, I will never use another pest control company.

-Sarah C.

I have been really happy with their service. They take the time to explain what they are doing. They do all kinds of treatments for all sorts of things. They are very professional, and they come out when they say they are going to come out.

-David L.

They are very professional and prompt. They work within my schedule.

-Ellen C.

We always call Abrock Pest Management Inc. to fix the problem.

-Patricia M.