Turf-Destroying Insect Management in Carrollton, TX

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs have black bodies with white wings, each of which bears a distinctive, triangular black mark. It is a serious pest on St. Augustine grass lawns and will occasionally feed on Zoysia grass, Centipede grass, Bahia grass or Bermuda grass. Chinch bug damage is often confused with certain lawn diseases or lack of water. Inspecting the yard for the insects themselves is the best proof of chinch bug damage. The proper insecticide will help achieve control

Grub Worms

Lawn grubs live in the soil eating the grass roots removing the roots from the head of the grass. They damage the lawn and can also attract wildlife that feed on lawn grubs. If you have brown patches in your yard and the turf easily peels away from the soil it is a good time to treat for grubs. Late summer to early fall is the time to treat for these pests.